Migraine Headaches Can Be Debilitating

Headaches are very common in today’s world. There are ‘regular’ headaches, and then there are severe forms like migraine. Any kind of headache can be a nuisance, but migraines are debilitating in many ways. In fact, these headaches require more than just pain relief medication or hot and cold packs.

Who Can Get Migraine?

Studies show that more than 30 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. The severity of migraine may vary from one person to another, but most require immediate treatment or visit to a doctor. Women are three times more prone to migraine than men. Additionally, if there is a history of migraine in the family, chances of getting them at some point in life is a whopping 80 percent. The pattern with which a migraine attack occurs is interesting as well. Almost all people who have suffered from migraine might have got it by the age of thirty. It may have started during childhood but the frequency increases during teen years. As the person grows older, this frequency decreases, and by the age of fifty it may go away.

What Are the Cause, Symptoms and Cure?

People who have migraine experience various symptoms, such as blind spots, flashing lights, or nausea, either before the attack or after. Some people also experience vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. A migraine sometimes can incapacitate the person for hours or even days. When this happens, it is necessary to visit the physician who can treat the symptoms.

The exact cause of migraine, other than genetics, is not known. Also, unknown is the permanent cure for this illness. However, apart from pain medications that are found over the counter, certain treatment therapies have been proved useful in treating migraine to a great extent. Severe cases of migraine, for example, need thorough checkup at a professional clinic like ultrasound mesa az. The patients are then treated with a class of drugs specifically developed to stop the pain from the start. This drug can eliminate the pain in a few minutes and its effect can last longer than a day. Preventive treatments have been found very helpful in reducing the symptoms as well. A well-known beta-blocker used to treat high blood pressure has been successful in reducing the frequency and severity of migraines. A few antidepressants have helped prevent headaches in some people. Whatever the treatment, it is necessary that the person experiencing migraine avoid certain triggers, such as smoking, foods and smell that aggravate pain and so on. For women, the triggering factor can be from birth control pills or estrogen therapies.

What Are Alternate Cures for Migraine?

Regular exercise has been highly recommended to help prevent migraines. Yoga and meditation have been proved to be successful in treating people with many types of migraine. Poor postures and incorrectly positioned monitor, chair or workplace equipment can contribute to symptoms, and correcting them can improve health as well. People with visual symptoms due to migraine should check with their optometrist on a yearly basis and change glasses if need be.