How I Prevented Flea Bites on My Dog!

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I am used to walking my dog in the nearest park, and there are lots of other pets and homeless animals, too. Once I noticed that my puppy started scratching a lot, and I started suspecting it caught fleas accidentally. To prevent further infestation and bites, I used one effective remedy that worked pretty well.

Flea collarsoshejni

What I bought was a flea collar, but the choice appeared to be a hard one. There are so many products both in stores and online! I read numerous reviews, and resolved not to save money on my pet’s health. Bought Seresto flea collar. It is relatively expensive, but the product is odorless and caused no allergy in my 5-months-old puppy, so it’s a worthy thing.

I also found an article how to get rid of fleas where different kinds of flea treatment were mentioned, and decided to combine them to ensure better treatment. I showered my dog every day, and four times a week bathed him in water with vinegar using special flea shampoo. It made the pests go out, which was great, because I could see them finally and comb properly to get rid of. It had been problematic before bathing, because my collie has long hairs.

The results

In three weeks of such treatment, fleas almost fully disappeared. I kept bathing my puppy and combing him together with putting the collar on. Gradually, he stopped scratching and became far less irritated, became willing to play and walk again. We visited the doctor to ensure that fleas didn’t contaminate him with any disease. Luckily, medical tests were clean: no bacteria detected. Now when we go outside, I put on this collar, and I will buy one more to make sure that fleas are kept as far as possible. Probably, when my pet grows up big enough to be less prone to allergy, I will try organic collars that cost cheaper, but the present product satisfies me, as well.

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