How I Prevented Flea Bites on My Dog!

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I am used to walking my dog in the nearest park, and there are lots of other pets and homeless animals, too. Once I noticed that my puppy started scratching a lot, and I started suspecting it caught fleas accidentally. To prevent further infestation and bites, I used one effective remedy that worked pretty well.

Flea collarsoshejni

What I bought was a flea collar, but the choice appeared to be a hard one. There are so many products both in stores and online! I read numerous reviews, and resolved not to save money on my pet’s health. Bought Seresto flea collar. It is relatively expensive, but the product is odorless and caused no allergy in my 5-months-old puppy, so it’s a worthy thing.

I also found an article how to get rid of fleas where different kinds of flea treatment were mentioned, and decided to combine them to ensure better treatment. I showered my dog every day, and four times a week bathed him in water with vinegar using special flea shampoo. It made the pests go out, which was great, because I could see them finally and comb properly to get rid of. It had been problematic before bathing, because my collie has long hairs.

The results

In three weeks of such treatment, fleas almost fully disappeared. I kept bathing my puppy and combing him together with putting the collar on. Gradually, he stopped scratching and became far less irritated, became willing to play and walk again. We visited the doctor to ensure that fleas didn’t contaminate him with any disease. Luckily, medical tests were clean: no bacteria detected. Now when we go outside, I put on this collar, and I will buy one more to make sure that fleas are kept as far as possible. Probably, when my pet grows up big enough to be less prone to allergy, I will try organic collars that cost cheaper, but the present product satisfies me, as well.

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How to Strengthen Your Mental Resolve to Lose Weight whith my pets?

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When it comes to losing weight, getting your head right is the top priority; after all, how you are thinking will set the stage for the decisions you make and losing weight is about making the right decisions—deciding to eat better, deciding to exercise more, deciding you want to permanently change your lifestyle. This lack of mental fortitude is what makes losing weight the challenge that it is—we let laziness, bad habit and sabotaging beliefs take over. Here are some tips to get your mind right so you can get your body right.

Get Clear on Your ‘’Why’’

This is a biggie—without being clear on exactly why you want to lose weight, you will never stay the course. Clear goals provide strong motivation; when we know what we want in the deepest part of ourselves, we cannot imagine living a life where we do not have it. Your first step in your weight loss journey is clearly defining your ‘’why’’ to the point where you have discovered your core values and desires. Get at the reasons behind the reasons. If you want to be healthier, why? If you want to do more with your kids, why? If you want to be healthier for your children, why? If you want to get off those medications, why? Keep going until you get at the root of your desire to slim down.

Keep Stress Under Controlarticle

Ah, stress…that nasty little thing that can wreak so much havoc on our mental and physical health. Stress is a part of life, but we can control how much we let it affect us, and most of the time, we are not doing such a good job at this. If you want to reach your weight loss goals, managing stress is a top priority. Besides the physical effects it has on our body that can thwart weight loss, such as increasing fat storage and cravings for unhealthy foods, it puts us in a state of mind that will not support our efforts to lose weight. When we feel stressed, we just do not care about our health as much; we eat emotionally and opt to zone out in front of the TV for hours on end instead of taking that daily walk. While we all have our moments of letting stress get to us, it is all too easy to let these ‘’moments’’ turn into our normal mode of behavior. When we control our stress more, we feel more in control of our lives and the choices we make; you will want to make healthy choices, you will feel optimistic about your weight loss efforts. Your dog or cat can help relieve stress

Go Easy on Yourself

In theory, we can wake up tomorrow and completely change our diet and exercise habits; in reality, this is probably not going to happen—we have too much junk we have to work through and too many bad habits to break. In your efforts to lose weight, there will probably be times when you get off track. You may have an eating binge or take a bit too long break from the gym. In these moments, you have to be forgiving of yourself and resolve to do better. Remember that you are on a lifelong journey, not some crash diet for your co-worker’s wedding. There is some room for error and if you remember to think long-term, you will handle this weight loss hiccups more successfully.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about weight loss tips; she recommends you check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight_loss page.

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